Teemu Barracuda Roster

20 01 2009

Anthony “nibblenibble” Tibaldi

Ian “munchmunchfood” Pappel

Dagny “chommp” Soo Hon

Nicki “themasticater” Kennedy

Michelle “The Iron Lotus” Bellefontaine


My Pecha Kucha on Youtube.

20 04 2009

Dagny’s final Pecha Kucha finally.

20 04 2009

my pecha kucha:


Missing Sound Files- Nicki

9 04 2009

Hi Professor,

I know you told us to put the slams on our blog, but my sound files are only on the usb key that I’ve handed in to you already. Since I recorded my narration on a different computer and the sound files were incompatible with my computer I don’t have them available to me anymore. So I tried to make things easier for you to access, but the usb key that you have is basically the only way to get all the files in one place. Sorry if this inconveniences you. Let me know if you have problems getting everything to work and I can figure something out..



8 04 2009


30 03 2009


A pecha-kucha entitled “graffitappropriation” by Ian “munchmunchfood” Pappel and Anthony “nibblenibble” Tibaldi.


20 03 2009

Hey Michelle,  that’s a sweet name you’ve got there!

Also, what’s everyone doing thier Pecha Kucha project on? Jus curious.



17 03 2009

Which reading was on appropriation? Was that barthes?